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Daniel Weiner Estate Planning Attorney San Diego


We care about what matters most to you.

Whether your priority is to minimize estate taxes, protect your hard earned assets from future lawsuits or creditors, or ensure that your heirs are provided for in accordance with your wishes, our San Diego estate planning attorneys at Weiner Law will create a plan that addresses your specific objectives.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in San Diego CA

We listen.

We execute.


The unique three meeting process at Weiner Law is designed to ensure the implementation of a plan that will work for your family.

Step 1.

Deep-dive Planning Session. Weiner Law will look at what would happen with respect to your family and your assets if you pass away without a plan.  If you have an existing estate plan, we will look at what happens under that plan.  If you are not satisfied with the current situation, we will design a plan that accords with your specific objectives and gives you peace of mind.

Step 2.

Signing Meeting. Around 4 weeks after your Deep-dive Planning Session, Weiner Law will meet to sign all of your documents.  This is not the end of the process.  We will share with you your asset list with instructions.
Step 3.

Check-in Meeting. This is where Weiner Law attorneys verify with you that the asset transfers and beneficiary changes have taken place.  If there are questions, we address them.  If there are assets that still need to be transferred, we continue to work with you to ensure that the asset transfer process is completed.
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Stay Informed.

Educational Presentations

Weiner Law believes that education is empowering. We regularly hold events both in person and virtually. These events cover the basics of estate planning, as well as current topics such as proposed changes in law.

Access Our Knowledge Library

Weiner Law has articles published in a number of newspapers and journals and regularly writes about relevant topics pertaining to estate planning in San Diego. and Los Angeles.

What Makes Weiner Law Different?

We take the time to understand your needs.

No two families are the same. We get to know you, your family dynamics and your wishes. Only then can we design a plan to achieve those cherished goals, protect your family and build your legacy.

Plan Your Future With An Estate Planning Lawyer

We make it personal, not transactional.

We want to get to know you and your family. If you have adult children, we want them to get to know us and feel comfortable with us so that we can be there for them in the future.

We know that documents alone are not enough to protect your family.

Many estate plans fail because documents are created but assets are left out of the trust. We help to ensure that assets are transferred so that the documents actually work.

Weiner Law Estate Planning Law Firm Located In San Diego California

What Our Clients Are Saying

My wife and I recently worked with Daniel on our estate planning and found him to be a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and patient. Estate planning is not necessarily a fun experience (!) but Daniel’s high level of professionalism and expertise in this area kept us in good hands throughout. We also really appreciate that we can check in with him periodically to review these plans over time. We highly recommend the professional services of Daniel and his team.
~ K CD
We engaged Dan to update our will and trust. Our children are now young adults and our assets have changed over the years. Dan thoughtfully guided us through the process and helped illuminate nuances to our estate. Dan is extremely thorough, patient and connected to additional resources if needed. We also very much appreciated the sensitivity to safety during the pandemic - utilizing zoom and an outdoors signing of the final documents. The entire process was swiftly coordinated and finalized. My husband and I highly recommend Dan and team!
~ Debra Sammon
When our kids were very small my husband and I had basic a will and trust created. Now that we are in our later middle age, with our kids growing and a pandemic raging, we realized it was probably time to review our needs and do an update. Daniel and his wife Miriam (she helps Daniel with some of the admin stuff) we're so amazing. Not only were they extremely professional and knowledgeable but they were also such nice people to deal with.
~ Monta Zelinky Briant
I cannot express more highly the positive and professional experience my family has had with the Law Office of Daniel Weiner. Mr. Weiner was responsive, thorough, patient, following through on every detail, taking the time to not only answer every question, but also making sure we really understood and were comfortable with the decisions being made. Daniel helped us move forward on finalizing some important family goals and we look forward to having a strong relationship with his office for years to come.
~ Mike Harrison

Together, we will design an estate plan according to your unique needs.

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How An Estate Planning Attorney In San Diego, CA, Protects What Matters

Protect your assets and your loved ones’ future. Weiner Law in San Diego, CA, will help you live life to the fullest and care for your family when you’re no longer around. Our firm’s estate planning attorneys and staff welcome your concerns regarding your estate and will ensure a plan that meets your goals and needs.

Discovering The Lively & Luxurious San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA, is a top-notch destination for many. This city boasts the world’s most temperate climate, beckoning visitors and locals alike to relax and soak up the laid-back vibes.

Whether you’re just passing through or a long-time resident, San Diego is the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy life to the fullest.

Protect Your Estate With A Probate Attorney In San Diego, CA

Navigating the often complex probate process can be challenging. Here at Weiner Law, we are ready to walk with you and make this process easier. Our team of probate attorneys in San Diego, CA, is committed to handling legal matters, so you don’t need to. Learn more about this process and how our firm can assist you.