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Joe Park

Joseph Park


Joseph graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Energy Systems Focus and a minor in English. His plan was to develop alternative energy solutions to replace a fossil fuel based energy infrastructure. Ironically, his first job as an engineer was in the petroleum industry, designing equipment for offshore drilling platforms.

Pivoting from engineering, Joseph went to law school at the University of San Diego School of Law with an eye towards patent law. It seemed a good fit for both his engineering background and legal education. However, after a short period of working at a small patent firm, he discovered that he was supremely uninterested in pursuing a career as a patent attorney.

After some soul searching, he found an area of law much more suited to his personality and his legal talents and in 2006, began his current career of working as an estate planning attorney. He brings to bear his love for problem solving through thorough analysis to his legal work, whether it be a complex estate plan or a difficult probate or trust administration.

In his free time, he continues to stay up to date on developments in alternative energy systems but is equally fond of good food and puttering around his garden.