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How To Create A Power Of Attorney In San Diego CA?

Power of attorney or POA is a legal authority that allows a designated agent to act or decide on another person’s behalf. In San Diego CA, POA grants authority to an individual to determine and act on financial and medical decisions for another person. It also permits them to do things such as buy or sell investments, sign checks, and file taxes or other documents with government agencies on the other person’s behalf. 

Generally speaking, POA can be used in two types: medical (sometimes referred to as a healthcare power of attorney) and durable. A medical POA is specific to medical decisions, while a durable POA covers broader areas, including business transactions, real estate matters, managing bank accounts, and more.

If you plan to establish a POA in San Diego CA, it is best to have a capable estate planning lawyer draft the document. Weiner Law has extensive experience helping clients with power of attorney. They are knowledgeable and skilled in understanding POA laws and providing trusted counsel to those seeking it. With their help, you can ensure the completeness and correctness of the document so that your wishes are respected and carried out as intended.

Get A Smooth And Calm Legal Process With A Power Of Attorney That Takes Care Of Your Legal Needs

Types Of Power Of Attorney

POA is an essential legal document that allows you to appoint another person as your representative in specific matters. In San Diego CA, various types of power of attorney are available: durable, healthcare, and limited.


Durable POA grants authority to an individual who would manage your financial affairs, such as bills and investments. This type of POA is valid even if you become incapacitated. For example, if you have a mental health issue, your power of attorney will remain in effect. It is recommended for senior citizens who want to ensure that their estate is managed with care.


Medical or healthcare POA grants authority to a designated individual to make medical decisions on your behalf if you cannot. This can be a handy document if you have severe medical conditions and wish for someone else to manage them. The HCPOA will take effect only when you become mentally or physically incapacitated and can no longer decide for yourself. It differs from an advance directive or living will, which outlines your wishes for medical care in an emergency.


It grants authority to someone else to take action on your behalf in a determinate capacity. For example, it may be used if you need someone to act as your representative in a real estate transaction or to sign documents that require two signatures. This POA is valid only for specific situations and does not grant power over your medical and financial affairs.

Appoint A POA Agent

POA agents to help manage someone’s financial and medical decisions can be complex. However, it is essential to plan to ensure that your POA agent has the authority to act on your behalf when you cannot do so. Learn more here.

Agree On Terms

To appoint an agent, both parties must agree on the terms. The principal, a person granting power of attorney, must also understand the full scope of authority they are entrusting their agent with. Both parties must complete relevant forms to appoint an agent as power of attorney. In California, these forms may include affidavits, declarations, or appointments.

Create A Durable POA

When appointing an agent, it is essential to consider creating a durable power of attorney. It allows a POA to remain in effect if the person granting it becomes incapacitated. A durable power will put into place all necessary measures to ensure that your financial and medical concerns are properly managed in this event.

Requirements For POA Agents

When appointing POA agents, both parties must meet specific requirements. The person granting it (the principal) must be an adult with the legal capacity to understand and agree to a power of attorney. The agent must also be over 18 years old and have no conflicts of interest that could potentially prevent them from making decisions on behalf of the principal.

When completing relevant forms, both parties should ensure they have everything California state law requires before submitting them. It can include documents such as birth certificates or driver’s licenses for proof of identity, affidavits signed before a notary public, or financial statements proving that all parties are financially secure. Once all documents have been completed and filed, POA can be officially established.

Appointing POA agents is vital to ensure that someone’s financial and medical decisions are appropriately managed when they cannot do so themselves. This process can be simplified by understanding the requirements and completing relevant forms. With proper preparation, power of attorney can provide peace of mind for both parties.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A POA Agent

As an agent under power of attorney, you must make decisions on behalf of the principal. It includes any significant decisions or transactions that must be reported to the principal on time. You are also responsible for maintaining detailed records of all trades and decisions made on behalf of the power holder and keeping their finances secure. It would be best if you keep up with any changes in relevant state laws regarding power of attorney and could follow them at all times. 

As an agent under power of attorney, it is also your responsibility to act in good faith while making decisions on behalf of the principal and to ensure that their interests are upheld. Finally, it would be best if you communicate regularly with the principal to inform them of any significant decisions or changes. So being an agent under POA is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It requires you to always act with integrity and respect for the principal.

Terminating A Power Of Attorney

Terminating power of attorney in San Diego CA, is straightforward. An agent can revoke it by signing and affixing the date on a written revocation document. The revocation form should be signed in the presence of two witnesses or by a notary public. Once the POA is revoked, the previously appointed agent will no longer have authority over the principal’s affairs and must turn over all relevant documents to the principal immediately.

A POA may also be terminated upon death or incapacity of either party involved in the agreement. Agents must notify all relevant parties, such as banks or government entities, that they are no longer authorized to transact on the principal’s behalf when POA is revoked or terminated.

Agents must understand their responsibilities and obligations regarding the power of attorney in San Diego CA, and other areas of the country. They should always ensure they have taken all necessary steps to revoke POA properly to avoid potential legal issues. When in doubt, it is best to consult with a qualified San Diego estate planning attorney who can advise on the appropriate course of action specific to your circumstances.

Rights Of The Principal With Power Of Attorney

The primary right of power of attorney principals is control over their property and assets. The POA holder can only use or manage these resources according to instructions laid out in the agreement or if expressly granted permission by the principal. The decisions that an agent can make should only be within the confines of what is written in the POA. 

In San Diego CA, the principal retains certain general rights, such as the right to revoke or amend POA at any time with written notice. They are also entitled to be informed about all actions taken on their behalf, including a regular accounting of all financial transactions conducted by the POA holder. 

Furthermore, the POA principal can access information regarding their finances and property, maintain control over devising their estate upon death and make decisions for themselves when they are capable. They  must understand that a power of attorney does not take away their rights. Instead, it grants an agent the authority to act on their behalf and in their best interest. It is essential to consider the principal’s rights before signing an agreement. Working with an experienced estate planning lawyer in San Diego CA, can help ensure that all rights are respected.

Common Pitfalls Of POA

Principals and agents in San Diego CA involved in the real estate industry must be aware of the common pitfalls which can lead to legal entanglements or other complications down the road. One mistake often made is not having the POA. This document allows someone else to act on a principal’s behalf, such as signing contracts or making bank deposits. 

Without POA documents, principals may find themselves without legal protection if an issue arises with their finances or health. Additionally, principals and agents must keep up-to-date records of all property transactions and delineate responsibilities between each party involved. Keeping accurate records can help avoid disputes.

Weiner Law

A power of attorney is a necessary document in San Diego CA, and it’s essential to understand the purpose. In short, POA authorizes someone else to act on your behalf concerning financial or health care decisions legally. It can be used for temporary or long-term situations and tailored to specific needs. 

Weiner Law has experience providing individuals with legal assistance needed when creating a power of attorney and provides personalized services that fit their client’s unique needs. Contact Weiner Law today if you have any questions regarding the creation or implementation of POA. They are committed to helping you understand its implications and benefits. With their knowledge and skills, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial and health care needs are appropriately managed.

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