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Carmel Mountain, San Diego CA

People refer to Carmel Mountain as Carmel Mountain Ranch or CMR. It lies in the shadow of Black Mountain in San Diego CA. Carmel Mountain is surrounded by Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Sabre Springs communities. 

This community provides many of the same services as a bigger city though being located in a more suburban environment. Despite sharing a recreation center with Sabre Springs, Carmel Mountain has its library branch. 

Carmel Mountain in San Diego, CA, is an excellent area to live in and build a family. Everything is within a 10-minute walk. It is family-friendly, with several gated communities, and plenty of shopping and dining options. 

Moreover, it has parks in the area and a country club. You can also look forward to the neighborhood’s annual community events. 

History Of  Carmel Mountain In  San Diego, CA

The development of this 1,500-acre master-planned community was approved in 1984. The land was originally part of a Mexican land grant from the 1820s. 

The ranches have changed hands several times over generation after generation. As a result, it left significant imprints on San Diego’s history. 

The Presley of San Diego, which later became part of the Williams Lyons Company, was primarily responsible for the development of the community. 

In 1905, the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy founded a dairy farm and monastery. The nuns gave their names to Carmel Mountain, a biblical connection to Mount Carmel. 

Kevin Crow, a former San Diego Sockers defender, is one of Carmel Mountain’s notable residents. He competed in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics for the United States men’s team. 

A Family-Friendly Community

Carmel Mountain Ranch is a family-friendly community with everything within walking distance. It is also a very active community, which you can make the most out of. 

Additionally, everything you need in shopping is available. The nearby shops make it convenient and simple to tend to your family’s needs. 

Carmel Mountain is a delightful place to live because it combines a bustling city and a quieter suburban neighborhood. The community organizes events for the entire family, including children’s sports to family activities. Popular films are also a big hit in the festivities. 

Due to the Poway Unified School District’s excellent public education system, Carmel Mountain is a fantastic family neighborhood. 

Three elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school serve the community. This extensive network is highly regarded and provides CMR students with a solid public school education. 

Recreation & Parks

Local neighborhood parks and a community recreation center are among the recreational options in Carmel Mountain. It has open space areas and an extensive trail system. 

Among the many parks are Carmel Mountain Ranch and Sabre Springs Recreation Center and Park. They are located at 10152 Rancho Carmel Drive. These spaces serve both the Carmel Mountain and Sabre Springs communities. 

Moreover, the recreation center compromises a gymnasium, softball fields, and a multipurpose field. It also has a playground, numerous picnic areas, and many more. 

The recreation center provides various programs, classes, and activities, including youth and adult sports leagues. 


The neighborhoods have a wide range of housing options, making them ideal for any family size and budget. Carmel Mountain Ranch is known for its developed communities. It provides traditional suburban living with luxury homes on manageable lots. 

Carmel Mountain Ranch’s housing options include apartments, condominiums, and detached, single-family houses. More than half of the housing units in this community are detached homes. 

Carmel Mountain has several gated communities. According to data, housing prices range from around $365,000 to $730,000 at the time of writing. 

Condos are available for less than $400,000, but detached houses start in the mid-$600,000s — though there may be a few foreclosures available in the $500,000 range. 

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