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Del Mar Mesa San Diego CA

Del Mar Mesa and the two neighboring communities of Pacific Highlands Ranch are usually considered part of Carmel Valley. The names of these communities are frequently used interchangeably.

Del Mar Mesa’s community plan includes a maximum of 685 homes on the neighborhood’s 2,042 acres of land. The preservation of more than 900 acres of free field and conserved habitat. 

The majority of the area was built in the 2000s. The community is located east of Carmel Valley and north of Los Penasquitos Canyon.

History Of  Del Mar Mesa

One of the many intriguing aspects of Del Mar Mesa is its history. This area was once home to the La Jolla and Ipai Native American tribes. It was later developed for agricultural purposes. The community left several intriguing artifacts behind.

Some areas still have eucalyptus trees planted in the 1800s to line farmsteads. Until about 30 years ago, the area was primarily agricultural, and there are still several horse ranches.

A vast proportion of the community’s eastern end has been set aside as open space. Remains of eucalyptus groves planted around farmsteads in the late 1800s are visual reminders of previous agricultural history.

Del Mar Mesa began when the land was subdivided under the community development project adopted in 1996.

The Preserve At  Del Mar Mesa

There’s something to be said for living on a hilltop within a private gated community. The Del Mar Mesa Preserve planners thought of everything. 

The Del Mar Mesa Preserve is located east of Del Mar and west of Rancho Penasquitos. 

This community is accessible through several gates. Two leading to the Los Penasquitos Canyons, where residents can walk the trails or ride horses.

Only a few houses are available, all with plenty of land surrounding them, adding to the exclusivity. Those who live there have unobstructed views over the valley, primarily open, preserved land. And there is no other place like the Preserve at Del Mar Mesa.

These households are primarily found in isolated communities of luxury estates and custom builds. They include the 32 homes in The Preserve’s gated community or the 17 semi-custom homes in Whitehorse.  

Hiking In  The  Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

Residents of Del Mar Mesa have access to two nature preserves rather than one. The Los Penasquitos Canyon, meaning “little cliffs” Canyon Preserve, is located southeast of the city. The City and County of San Diego jointly own and manage the Preserve.

But, the Del Mar Mesa Preserve had been off-limits to recreation for many years. Despite the ban, many hikers and mountain bikers illegally entered the Preserve. 

The Preserve opened a portion of the trail network to the public in 2015, but some of the most sensitive habitats remained closed to recreation.

The Ecological Preserve At  Del Mar Mesa

The history of the Preserve dates back to Native American times. Over 9,000 years old Stone Age items have been found.

The Del Mar Preserve is a prized open space and a natural reserve that is popular with local bikers, hikers, runners, and horseback riders. The mesa, canyons, scrub oak woodland, vernal pools, as well as varied wildlife and vegetation, will appeal to nature lovers.

The area was off-limits to the general public until 2015. Even so, many people have subsequently come to appreciate its beauty, even if the most delicate vernal pools are still off-limits.

The beautiful elements and outdoor recreation options of the Preserve are dedicated to preservation by a nonprofit organization named The Friends of Del Mar Mesa. They strive to mitigate environmental concerns like home construction that affect the Preserve’s ecosystems by raising money and educating people about preservation.

Furthermore, they also have a commendable track record of preserving nature’s integrity while making it accessible to the public.

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