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Hotel Del Coronado Curio Collection

The Hotel del Coronado, more popularly known as The Del, is a prestigious luxury-class Four Diamond Rating hotel situated in the white pearly sand beaches of San Diego Bay of San Diego, California. A quick twenty-five-minute drive from the San Diego International Airport, guests are welcome to indulge in the many luxurious amenities offered by The Del.

The Historical Background Of The Hotel Del Coronado

Opening in the early months of 1888, the Hotel del Coronado was the only largest resort hotel in the world during the time. Built with the timeless elegant Victorian aesthetic of the time, the hotel retains its magnificent exterior even after multiple renovations. The hotel was built in San Diego, California, during the real estate boom in the San Diego region, taking advantage of the rising economy of the area.

Despite many hindrances to its completion, The Del held its grand opening. It was open for business in February 1888 and offered its guests luxurious amenities and attractions such as yacht clubs, an ostrich farm, and a Japanese-style tea garden, all of which can still be enjoyed by guests today.

Leisure areas were dedicated to activities such as swimming in its Olympic-sized saltwater swimming pool, a pool table for billiards, a tennis court, bowling alleys, and even going as far as offering hunting expeditions for adventurous guests. The hotel was so successful that the only time that the Hotel del Coronado closed its doors to customers since it was established in 1888 was during the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Modern Amenities Provided By The Hotel Del Coronado

Having been given a Four Diamond Rating by the American Automobile Association in 2008, The Del continues to prove its prestige through its capability to host multiple foreign royalties and different Presidents of the United States through the years. Different celebrities have also spent their time in San Diego, California, by staying at the Hotel del Coronado.

The Hotel del Coronado today has many amenities adapted to the modern luxuries of the 21st century. The current amenities of The Hotel del Coronado have adapted accordingly through the years. The hotel services are now equipped with free wifi for guests, a smart TV for streaming in various streaming platforms, and EV chargers for electric car owners.

Room keys are also now digital for all customers’ ease of use. The Hotel del Coronado also offers venues for their esteemed guests who wish to conduct business meetings with various business centers and meeting rooms. The Hotel del Coronado is also open for bookings for events such as parties and even weddings.

As a luxurious destination for tourists and United States locals, the hotel is packed with multiple restaurant choices that offer a wide variety of food selections. 

Sheerwater ensures a pleasant meal by the bay, and its menu offers different selections for brunch. 

The Sun Deck, on the other hand, is another al fresco venue that lets guests indulge in craft cocktails by the beach. 

The Hotel del Coronado also has an outdoor pool and resort as an alternative to the beach. A spa and salon are also available for guests who wish to enjoy a more relaxing and pampering pastime.

The Hotel del Coronado Curio Collection is a historic landmark located by the white beaches of San Diego Bay in San Diego, California. It continues to provide amenities to its well-valued guests for over a century. Choose Hotel del Coronado as your next travel destination in San Diego, and enjoy the luxurious accommodations the hotel has ready to offer.

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