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San Diego Natural History Museum

The San Diego Natural History Museum is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Southern California. It opened in 1933 at 1788 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101. in Balboa Park. It has a wide variety of exhibits, educational programs, and events for kids and adults. It is a great way to involve your family in science and nature. You will be able to explore the newest discoveries and the fossils of creatures that lived millions of years ago.

Visitors can learn more about the region’s biodiversity by exploring the San Diego Natural History Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibits. Several exhibits focus on the region’s unique flora and fauna and on the impact of climate and water on its landscape. There are also several interactive multimedia displays.

A popular museum area is the Living Lab, where you can observe live specimens, mostly local animals. The exhibit is designed to let you see and touch the creatures in a safe and comfortable manner. You can observe several animals, such as a rattlesnake, a bat, and a lizard. The animals have all been adapted to live in the San Diego region.

The museum also features a theater with a huge screen that shows movies related to earth sciences. During Nat at Night, which takes place on Fridays, the museum is open until 10 PM. If you are a member of AAA, you may be able to get a discount on admission.

The museum also features a gift shop. It has a large photography collection and a research library with over 56,000 volumes. It has over eight million specimens in storage. The museum has a professional animal-handling team. You will be able to take a nature hike or even participate in a whale-watching tour.

The museum has a number of special exhibitions as well. These include the Rattlesnake Exhibition, the Foucault Pendulum, and the Cerutti Mastodon Discovery. The Cerutti Mastodon Discovery features fossils that suggest humans were in North America for a longer period of time than previously thought. You can also visit the Fossil Mysteries exhibit. The display includes models and a number of educational diagrams, giving visitors the chance to learn more about the ancient creatures of the region.

Visitors can also enjoy the Museum’s rooftop bar, which offers spectacular views of San Diego. The museum is also home to a large fountain, which is surrounded by a variety of flowers. A large fig tree dating back to the 1800s is also present. The natural history museum is great for your family to explore and spend time together.

The San Diego Natural History Museum is open to the public daily. If you are a senior citizen or disabled, you can attend for free. You will need to provide a photo ID to receive a complimentary ticket. Guests interested in bringing their service dogs to the museum must bring a non-retractable leash no larger than six feet.

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