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Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Probate And How You Can Receive Legal Help From A Specialized Lawyer

Why Is Probate So Bad & How Can You Avoid It?

 “How can I avoid probate court?,” is a common question in California. Probate is the court process that your assets must go through after …

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Find Out How To Prevent Your Trust From Failing And Avoid Legal Complications In Your Estate Planning Case

Why Do Trusts Fail & How Can You Avoid The Pitfalls?

 The number one reason that trusts fail is due to funding. In a previous video, we discussed the importance of funding into a trust. …

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Be Knowledgeable About Trust In Estate Planning And How To Start One

Estate Planning – What Is A Trust & How Is It Created?

 In its broadest terms, a trust is a legal device created by an individual intending to hold a property for the benefit of themselves …

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Learn More About What A Revocable Trust In The State Of California Is About

What Is A Revocable Trust In California?

 There’s a common misconception that trusts are only available for the ultra-wealthy, however, a revocable trust is actually available for families from the start …

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Find Out What You Need To Start Your Estate Planning Case, A Revocable Trust Or Irrevocable Trust

Do You Need A Revocable Trust Or An Irrevocable Trust?

 Many people in California need to create a revocable trust if they want their family to avoid having to deal with the California probate …

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Learn More About Whether Your Family Should Pay Taxes On An Inheritance

Will Your Family Have To Pay Tax On Their Inheritance?

 A frequent question we often receive is whether our client’s loved ones will have to pay taxes on their inheritance. In several states, an …

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How To Determine Guardianship If You Have Minor Children In California

Guardianship – What To Do If You Have Minor Children

 When you have minor children you start to have to consider things you might have ignored in the past. Like, what will happen to …

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The Difference Between A Trust And A Will Can Decide Which Legal Path To Take

What Is The Difference Between A Trust & A Will In Estate Planning?

 There’s a common misconception that the revocable trust and last will of testament are the same thing. However, there are key differences that separate …

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The Infamous “No Contest” Clause: Is it Worth the Paper it’s Written On?

The matriarch of the family, Betty, dies aged 92 leaving behind a $3 million estate. Thirty years earlier Betty had worked with an attorney to …

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